Martinique is one of the four French overseas departments . Situated in the South of  the  Caribbean archipelago, this island of thousands colours and smells will greet you with open arms. You  will  discover the  exceptional landscape Mother Nature  endowed her with . From the Caribbean Sea to the peaks in the North of the island (including  the 1397-meter-high Pelée Mountain), Martinique will enchant you with the variety of its landscapes..







View to Carbet from the villa

Carbet is a small fishing  village full of charm, with  about 3 360 inhabitants. It’s the place  where  Christopher Columbus  landed in Martinique in 1502. Located in the  Northern part of the island,  Carbet is  25 km far to the North of Fort de France and  4 km to the South of  Saint Pierre. Carbet remains an authentic West Indian village , which enjoys a protected environment that  tourism  has not yet transformed







 To get to the Micatclo Villa, go to the direction “Fort-de-France / St Pierre“ when you leave the airport. You will drive through the villages of Schoelcher, Case-Pilote, Bellefontaine, then Carbet. Once in  Carbet, turn right just after the ELF gas-station. From there just follow the arrows indicating the Micatclo villa, one mile away.
 It’s a 30-kilometer drive from the airport to the villa.








The Micatclo Resort

This resort is situated on the heights of Carbet, in a spacious villa, with numerous terraces and porches, and it enjoys an exceptional view to the Caribbean Sea.

It is next to a very quiet residencial area, at about one kilometre from the village center and the beaches; the Micatclo villa is a ventilated haven of peace, in the sun of the West Indies .
 From the Terraces of the estate, you can admire the mountainous landscapes of the Peaks of Carbet